“2020 – JOMO”

The end of the FOMO (fear of missing out) .. and the start of JOMO (joy of missing out).

You are walking down a dock.

.. There is a boat at the end of this dock

.. .. And (every time) you get in the boat,

.. .. ..you ( fail to) notice that this boat is rotting

.. .. .. .. and you do not notice you cannot drive this boat.

You feel you are drowning, you feel you are sinking, you feel you have hit rock bottom..”

you can’t breath, realizing there is no point, fighting harder, swimming back up will not prevent you from ending up back here

this isn’t the first boat you’ve been on, and you will walk down other piers…”

Breath in…

Breath out……

Breath in……

Breath out…… ……

Breath in…… ……

and breath out …………

but then you realise you do not need to board this boat.

[or any boat]

It implies – life is not about working hard to be strong enough to be able to drive these rotting boats.

Jomo, It implies – choosing to take back the reigns – and deciding that maybe sometimes it is ok not to take any of those boats,

to just lay back and smell.. ,

taste.. , touch.. ,

hear.. & see

#Jomo – the Joy of missing out – Is it possibLe?

Amsterdam January 2020