Do you need someone who really listens? 

Searching for a good psychologist or life coach?


Easy online reservation for a free introduction, no waiting list, no referral from GP needed

Really get to work

Do you want to do more then just talking ?  Do you feel need and space to get started with your patterns? Then let’s look deeper together and really get to work


Together we develop a form of therapy, through constant coordination, that motivates you the most, combining therapy elements found to be effective from science.

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Online therapy

Easy to plan by online booking, no traveltime, no travelstress or costs, just log in through skype from your place of choice

In my clientele

Face-to-face appointments will take place in my office in the center of Amsterdam, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 237

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Een Consult (1 uur)

  • 1 hour online or on location

7 Consult Card

  • one free consult

Outside office hours

  • 1 hour online outside office hours