Wil jij iemand die echt luistert? 


 My mission:

“I would like everyone to be able to feel free, welcome and unentangled!

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My vision:

Simple solutions sometimes help out very well for a while, but without really changing the underlying problem, the simple solution will only help temporarily. Therefore, I think it is important to look deeper at the underlying entanglements, as the first acute stress has lessened. The map of how these entanglements are maintained out of which solidified patterns, can give huge insights. We will be able to see more clearly which buttons need to be turned to make you feel better in the long run.


Mijn Method:

Based on these insights combined with your own needs, we then choose to confront these patterns, learn new helping patterns or learn new ways to handle the patterns you already have. Together, we will form an individual therapy out of proven therapy-elements best suited to your personality


My core Values:

Genuine interest
  • I keep on trying to hear what you really want to say..  All your underlying contradictory, illogical, overflowing even the ones according to you unethical feelings that should not be, please tell me, I don’t judge!
  • To me, it is very important that all your emotions feel like they are being heard. Emotions that feel ignored wrap themselves into entanglements. By keeping your emotions inside, trying to control them, you will have less and less freedom because of all of the tangles they make, untill you will not feel any control of your own world of thought in the end
Exposure of patterns
  • In my daily life I am always looking for deeper patterns, I love questioning connections between not so obvious relations. The more complex the puzzle, the more it challenges me to unravel the mysterie
  • Therefor the more complicated the entanglements in your mind, the more it feels like a challenge to help you find a new way.
Non-judgmental Reflection
  • Non-judgemental: I’m not a police officer, judge or priest, I am a psychologist. You choose how to set up your life. I can only make you aware, be your mirror, show you how you are blocking yourself, and show you which other routes could be more helpfull.
  •  Reflection: Seeing your thoughts mirrored back to you from a different point of view always gives new insights by adding a different perspective. The addition of perspective can transform an entanglement into loop. This proces of unentanglement could inspire a broader worldview for you in the same way. Reflection always gives a broader view; A broader view can lead to insight which can bring new prospective and hope for the future.

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