Personal Growth

As a personal life coach, I can help you in your own growth process through insight, training and encouragement.

“You will find that her approach is direct but always friendly and understanding.”
  • Why can other people quit smoking cold turkey without ever looking back?
  • Why do I get all these concentration and fear of failure problems at the end of my study?
  • Why do I feel so sad now two years later, and no problem when it just happened?
  • Nothing excites me anymore, how can I get more out of my life?
  • Why do I always end up in bad relationships? Why do I allow people to treat me that way?
  • How do I prevent an other burnout?


Evidence based

The latest scientific findings about brains are applied to your personal story and will lead, through personal training, better understanding of your own thoughtprocesses & self-awareness, to personal growth in the direction that you want.

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Hagar quickly forms insight in your current situation with its needs and difficulties. You will find that her approach is direct but always friendly and understanding. Her coaching is a great help to accelerate your growth.” ( coaching cliënt, Amsterdam 2014 )

Hagar works very personal and she knows- and has studied a lot about her expertise. Working with her is effective and pleasant.” ( coaching cliënt, Amsterdam 2014 )

“I am sure her method contributed to who I am today. At least I got to know myself a lot better. “Verder Lezen”  (coaching client, Amsterdam 2015)