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Hagar is ..


My Mission: I would like everyone to feel free in their own mind


That’s why I offer people space for deep non-judgemental reflection enabling them to break free from the fixed knots and patterns that block their mind




My Method:

Together we create an individual taylor made form of therapy on the spot, that best suits your personality based on elements from various evidence based therapies

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My Values:


1. Genuine interest:


  • I keep trying to hear what it is that you are really saying below all the noise of your words and explanations. Also give me your underlying contradictory, illogical, even unethical feelings that maybe according to you have no right of existence, tell me .. I don’t judge !!
  • To me, it is very important that every emotion feels important, listened to. Emotions that feel ignored wrap themselves in a big knot. By trying to keep all your emotions inside, the developing entanglement will make you feel imprisoned which will instead ultimately result in loss of all control.



2.  Exposing deeper patterns
  • The more complex your entanglement, the more it challenges me to untangle until release.
  • I don’t just observe the outside listening to your symptoms, sticking plasters will only help you temporarily. If we can discover the perpetuating factors, it will be more clear which buttons need to be pushed to get the most effect.



3. From non-judgmental reflection to confrontational coaching


  • Reflection: Seeing your thoughts reflected from a different point of view will always give you new insights. Your mind is not flat, but multifaceted like a diamond. The addition of one dimension is able to make a beautiful loop from a before seemingly fixed knot. In this way your personal conquest against your entanglement can inspire major growth. Reflection will give a broader view; a broader view can lead to insight giving new hope and outlook for the future.
  • Non-judgmental:  I am not a police officer, judge or priest, but a psychologist. You are the expert on your mind, and you are the owner of your mind. You choose how you feel most convertible without disrespecting others, it is your decision. I can only raise awareness by giving you another perspective, and show you which roads could lead to a diffrent way of experiencing life.
  • Confronting points at my direct way of coaching after you’ve made your own choice to train for a new mindroad




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